VIDEO: Officials provide update on tornado that hit small Texas town

4/14/2019 7:36 PM   

At least three children have been killed during an outbreak of severe weather that has been hitting the south this weekend. Tornadoes in Texas killed two and destroyed homes. Multiple structures in Franklin, Texas were destroyed by a tornado on Saturday, as severe weather swept through eastern Texas toward Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. On Saturday morning, the storm system dropped hail ranging from the size of golf balls to baseballs on San Antonio. A line of strong to severe thunderstorms will continue pushing eastward across parts of the South into Sunday. Damaging winds and some tornadoes are the main threats along this line. Damage was reported early Saturday evening in Vicksburg, Mississippi, as severe thunderstorms rumbled through the city. There were reports of roof damage, downed power lines and even some cars destroyed. Damage from a possible tornado was also reported on Saturday afternoon in Alto, Texas.