VIDEO: Car runs stop sign, hits 9-year-old girl playing in yard

Car Crash
4/1/2019 8:55 PM   

A family in Lithonia, Georgia, is asking the public's help after a hit-and-run accident seriously injured a 9-year-old girl who was playing outside with a friend. The girl is expected to be OK, but the family is sharing surveillance video in hopes of finding the hit-and-run driver. The video shows the two young girls playing outside the suburban Atlanta home Friday evening. Suddenly, the camera catches a black sedan ride the curb, blow a stop sign, then barrel into one of them. The impact sets off the air bags. Dust is seen flying in the air as her family rushes out of the house. Someone gets out of the car, staggers around, and then takes off. The incident took place Friday evening. The family of 9-year-old Laderihanna Holmes shared the video with hoping that driver is held accountable.