Need to address consumer health care issues

4/23/2019 9:07 AM   

New data from Ipsos-Consumers for Quality Care show that Americans are universally worried about unpredictable health care costs and a lack of transparency within the system. No matter their income level, age, gender, race or political identification, Americans want the health care system to work better for them — and they want policymakers to take more tangible steps toward alleviating their concerns.

Americans often struggle to understand pricing details across the health care system. Ninety-one percent of health care consumers agree that they need to better understand costs associated with health care, and 75% say medical bills are confusing to understand.

It’s obvious that consumers want more clarity and peace of mind when paying for health care, and that politicians should take note. In fact, 88% of Americans say lowering out-of-pocket health care costs should be a top priority for lawmakers in Washington.

There have been encouraging developments in Congress that show that Washington is paying attention. The House Committee on Education and Labor, of which Pennsylvania Reps. Susan Wild, Glenn Thompson, Lloyd Smucker and Dan Meuser are members, recently held a hearing on the issue of “surprise” medical bills.

This is a promising start and we’re hoping the Pennsylvania delegation and the rest of Congress continue to pursue action to address consumer health care issues. Consumers for Quality Care’s new Negotiator’s Guide was created to give legislators more insight into the needs of health care consumers. We urge Congress and the administration to do right by Americans and enact solutions that address their concerns.

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