Aviation company mocked for new standing plane seats

4/6/2019 8:28 PM   

An Italian plane seat manufacturer is being ridiculed on social media for the latest model of their ultra-slim, upright commercial airline seats, which would have passengers buckled into a 23-inch, chair-like contraption in the high skies. arlier this week, Aviointeriors unveiled the Skyrider 3.0 at the annual Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany, Financial Express reports.

Though the design is not entirely new – the company first introduced the invention in 2010 – the Skyrider has been plagued with structural issues that have prevented a mass market rollout ever since. For example, seats aboard Airbus models including the A380, A320 and A321 as well as the Boeing 737 cannot have a pitch of less 28 inches, while the Skyrider’s pitch measures 23 inches, as per the outlet — not to mention questions of physical comfort in the chairs, too.

This year, however, officials hope they’ve come closer to getting their prototype right — though they realize the innovative design does not appeal to every air traveler.

“The message is, we do not want to put thousands of people in the cabin, we want to offer a multi-class configuration, which is nowadays impossible if you want to reach the maximum load of passengers,” Aviointeriors engineering advisor Gaetano Perugini said, as per Fox 61.

“So that means that in the same cabin, you will have standard economy, premium economy or business class and ultra-basic economy — which is an innovation for the airline and the passenger,” he continued. “This is the true reason for the Skyrider.”


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