Yes They Did – Playboy Introduces First Transgender Playmate

layboy’s November centerfold will be a “transgender playmate” according to PR Newswire, describing French model Ines Rau as a “Parisian bombshell”:

November Playmate: Parisian bombshell and high-fashion model Ines Rau returns to the pages of the magazine (previously featured in Playboy's May 2014 A-Z issue) and makes history as Playboy's first transgender Playmate with a pictorial and centerfold, photographed by Derek Kettela.

"You should just be who you are", she said in an interview with the magazine's new issue.

I lived a long time without saying I was transgender. Then I was like, you know, you should just be who you are. It’s a salvation to speak the truth about yourself, whether it’s your gender, sexuality, whatever.

I'm an advocate for anyone who is scared to be who they really are because they fear being judged or rejected.

They should be empowered by their differences and not be who society tells them to be.

Given that standard poses for playmates include the "full frontal," it is unclear how Rau will be depicted in her forthcoming photo shoot. Early promotional photos show her in heels and in lingerie.

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