Trump Visit to Long Island Sends ‘Major Signal’ to MS-13

President Donald Trump will travel to Suffolk County, New York, on Friday, in what one lawmaker is calling an “historic” trip to a regional hot bed and breeding spot for individuals belonging to the violent street gang MS-13.

“This is a vicious gang of murderers … brutal … just an absolute disgrace,” Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), who represents the Long Island district heavily affected by recent killings, said during an interview with FOX Business. “To have the president come here, two months after we had the attorney general come in … I can’t emphasize how important it is … to give hope to the community that the United States government and literally the most powerful person in the world, stands with [them].”

Trump’s visit follows the arrests of more than 15 suspected members of MS-13 earlier this month, some of whom are believed to be connected to the violent deaths of four individuals in April.

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