North Korea Presents United States With List Of Demands

North Korean Ambassador to India Kye Chun Yong, in an interview Wednesday, said his country is willing to halt nuclear and missile tests if the United States agrees to meet a list of demands.

“If our demands are met, we can negotiate in terms of the moratorium of such as weapons testing,” Kye told the Indian news outlet WION. He further emphasized that the North Korean government was not looking to start another nuclear war on their own peninsula as it would be “fratricidal.” Instead, he urged the U.S. to meet certain demands so that both the nations can arrive at a peaceful resolution.

One of the primary demands, according to Kye, would be to cease the U.S. and South Korean joint military drills. While the U.S. maintains that the drills are a part of routine defensive preparations, North Korea has branded them as a precursor for invading the country.

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