Democrat Houston Mayor Promises Illegal Immigrants Fleeing Harvey Will Not Be Turned Over to ICE

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has promised the city’s nearly 600,000 illegal immigrants that they won’t be turned over to immigration authorities if they go to a shelter or ask for help during Harvey.

Turner, a lawyer, even went a step further, saying he would personally represent any illegal immigrant who faces deportation for seeking shelter during the storm.


“I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what your status is,” Turner said Monday. “I do not want you to run the risk of losing your life or [that of] a family member because you’re concerned about (Senate Bill) 4 or anything else."

Texas Senate Bill 4 outlaws sanctuary cities in the state and allows state and local law enforcement officers to check immigration status. It takes effect Sept. 1.

Turner said with everyone trying to deal with Harvey, now was the time to put “the [immigration] law on the shelf.”

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