Blame Game 2017: Clinton Implies She Was True Victim Of Negative Press Coverage

In an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid broadcast on Saturday, Hillary Clinton continued Blame Tour 2017. Today’s target? The media.

REID: What do you say to reporters who say: “Well, the email scandal was not the media's fault, it was your fault.”

CLINTON: Oh, I made the original mistake, but, you know, people running for office make all kinds of mistakes. I mean, Trump had a million mistakes that he made before he ever ran and that he made once he declared to run. That didn't matter. You know, there was a little bit of coverage on whatever it might be, and then it faded away. The emails was a constant diet.

Now, I've talked to members of the press, because, look, I'm a huge proponent of the First Amendment, and we need a really smart, savvy press. And here's what members of the press have basically said to me. First of all, "Yeah, it was a legitimate subject to cover. We overdid it."

...As I point out in the book, all of the crazy accusations were just not true.

…There was this attitude like, well, you're going to win anyway, and so we have to vet you harder. Trump is the reality TV show candidate, you know, you're going to be the next president – which is a terrible assumption to make, because what we found in this election is that it really matters how the press covers someone who is so unusual as Trump was with the same tough standards consistently.

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