Reporter Slammed on Social Media for Alerting the Police to 'Looters'

With all eyes on the growing tragedy in Houston Texas, one reporter is being taken to task for his prioritizing of the events. After noticing what he called "looters," ABC’s Tom Llamas is being criticized by many on social media for his response.

Llamas is an anchor for the network’s “World News Tonight” and is on the ground in Houston covering the affects of Hurricane Harvey. While there, he spotted something that he felt compelled to not only tweet to his followers, but report to the police as well.

In a second tweet, that’s since been removed, Llamas explained that he and his team informed police of the looting and that the Coast Guard was now flying overhead to prevent further action.

Many took issue with the fact that he reported the looters before the body. Others were upset at the idea of characterizing people getting food during a disaster as “looters.”


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