House Approves Russian Sanctions Bill

The House overwhelmingly passed legislation on Tuesday that punishes Russia for its election meddling while also keeping President Trump from easing the penalties without congressional approval.

Lawmakers voted 419-3 to approve the bill, which also includes sanctions against Iran and North Korea.

“The multitude of threats posed to our national security by Iran, Russia, and North Korea cannot be understated," House Speaker Paul Ryan said after the vote. "These bad actors have long sought to undermine the United States and disrupt global stability."

The three lawmakers to vote no were all Republicans: Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, Tennessee Rep. Jimmy Duncan and Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie.

The House and Senate bills are not quite in alignment, with North Korea’s inclusion in the measure. This would have to be resolved in both bodies before it goes to the president.

The sanctions targeting Russia, however, have drawn the most attention due to the president’s persistent push for warmer relations with President Vladimir Putin and ongoing investigations into Russia's interference in the 2016 campaign.

The White House had objected to a key section of the bill that would mandate a congressional review if Trump attempted to ease or end the sanctions against Moscow. But lawmakers from both parties opted to keep the sanctions review due to wariness over the relationship between Trump and Putin.

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