Border Patrol Arrests in 2017 Break Historical Trend

The chief of the Border Patrol’s El Paso sector says President Trump should get the credit for a break in a historical trend in illegal immigration. 

New data out for the month of May shows the Border Patrol apprehended 19,967 illegal immigrants last month. That’s 35,475 fewer apprehensions than the 55,442 in May 2016.  The administration has communicated clearly that they support our people out in the field that they will enforce our immigration laws and there will be consequences to those who violate those laws.  The ending of the “catch and release” program as well as new infrastructure is credited for the downward trend in border arrests.  Catch and release is the unofficial name for a longstanding protocol where illegal immigrants are arrested for being in the U.S. but are released as they wait for a hearing.

Historically, the number of illegal immigrants arrested across the southern border and the number of immigrants attempting to cross spikes from February to June. Not this year.  The downward trend in apprehensions that started when President Trump took office has continued through Spring.