Mike Rowe Fires Back at Claim He's Against Higher Education

The 55-year-old fired back at a fan who said Rowe places "so little value on academic education."

Rowe disputed the claim on Facebook saying the commenter misunderstands Rowe's stance on higher education.

"It’s hard to believe you could have 'followed' me from the first days of 'Dirty Jobs' and 'Deadliest Catch,' and be so completely mistaken about my stance on the importance of a college education," Rowe wrote in a lengthy Facebook post Monday night.

He went on to explain that while he's "unapologetically opposed to the mind-bending, utterly indefensible skyrocketing cost of tuition," he does not underestimate the importance of education.

Rowe, who said his college degree has served him well, added he "strongly support[s] education in all of its forms." He added he just opposes pushing a four-year college degree on everyone.

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